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Center for International Scientific Cooperation

The Center was established in order to support and coordinate international research and education activities of the academic staff of the Cracow University of Economics. Cooperation with foreign academic institutions as well as acquiring research funding from the European Union and other public and private international sources are the main goals of the Center.  Every faculty of the Cracow University of Economics has representatives participating in the activities of the Center.  

            Areas of activity of the Center:

1. Participation in developing strategy of international research and educational cooperation of the Cracow University of Economics.

2. Promotion of the CUE as a partner of international cooperation in research and education.

3. Developing and maintaining database with information about possibilities of cooperation and for potential partners of cooperation.

4. Administrative support of international research cooperation of the units and scholars of the Cracow University of Economics.

Chairman of the Center/Contact Person:

Associate Prof.  dr hab. Czesław Mesjasz
Phone: +48 12 293 5619; Fax: +48 12 293 5067

Faculty of Economics and International Relations:

Associate Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Surdej, surdeja@uek.krakow.pl

Dr Marek Szarucki, saruckim@uek.krakow.pl

Faculty of Finance:

Associate Prof. dr hab. Ewa Miklaszewska, miklasze@uek.krakow.pl  

Dr Igor Styn, styni@uek.krakow.pl

Faculty of Commodity Science:

Associate Prof. dr hab. inż. Marzena Ucherek, ucherekm@uek.krakow.pl

Dr inż. Grzegorz Suwała, suwalag@uek.krakow.pl

Faculty of Management:

Associate Prof. dr hab. Czesław Mesjasz,  mesjaszc@uek.krakow.pl 

Dr Dariusz Put, putd@uek.krakow.pl